Christmas Parcels

Set of 3 Handmade Christmas Parcels

Size 15mm x 15mm   Handmade designs may vary

Decorated hat

Decorated hat
50mm Decorated Hat

Christmas tree

Decorated tree on base  in reds as shown or silver cream and gold          

Hand decorated tree with hand made decorations Height 130mm and 150mm approx. As these are hand decorated all will vary slightly.
Bow 1

Silk Ribbon Bows

Tiny Bows made from SILK RIBBON 3.5mm

Select colour.     

Price per Pk of 10 bows

Christmas Bows

Handmade Christmas Red Organdie bows

(The picture shown are silk bows the organdie size is very slightly smaller)

10 bows per bag.  Made with 1.5mm Red Organdie ribbon



Christmas Tinsel        Sorry silver now discontinued.

A soft tinsel ideal to decorate our trees wreaths and garlands. Width 15mm approx. Price per metre

Nativity Set

Nativity set (plastic) 
20mm High

Christmas tree

Decorated tree on a base in colours of your choice.

Contact by telephone to discuss your requirements.

Prices £90-00 for a 250mm tree.

A deposit may be required

Hand made and hand decorated tree. Made to order.

Dressed  with  hand made and a selection of beautiful decorations. Height 250mm approx. As these are hand made and hand decorated all will vary.